How can we design a speedy and simple experience for ordering vegan fast food?


Example of ordering process

Inabun is a burger restaurant that delivers vegan burgers and fries to your door. 


A website and app that allows users to order directly through their own single-page, sales portal.

Elevator pitch

We deliver tasty, guilt-free and fries.


Target Audience 

  • Busy adults who may not have time to cook.

  • People interested in the environment and/or trying to have a lifestyle change.

  • Students that would like fast food delivered.



User Research

​Joseph is a developer at a tech firm and lives alone. He wants to save money and avoid eating out. Joseph is concerned about staying fit and actively tries different diets.


  • Regularly orders takeaways.

  • Wants to avoid the expense of eating out.


  • Would like a healthier diet.

  • Would like to save money.

Pain Points

  • Price sensitive so may be unwilling to spend a premium ‘takeaway’ price.

  • Lack of information on vegan eating.

  • No stable dietary preference.

User Research









From this user research, it was established that:

  • Users should have the choice, to be able to customise their burgers.

  • Vegan users interviewed were tired of the same, green, repetitive branding of businesses targeting them.

  • Users wanted to stay clear of red/yellow colour combinations that dominate the unhealthy fast-food industry.

  • The app should be quick and convenient. 

  • The app should not preach to the converted or try to overly educate/convince people to alter their diet.


To help build a style board. Sample users were asked to generate words relating to the concept of ‘vegan diet’, ‘takeaways’, and ‘deliverable burgers’.


Sample users were then given the concept ‘Inabun is a vegan burger delivery restaurant‘ and asked to reduce this list into the ones that resonated most, aiming for 5 keywords.

Concept Development

Mapping & Wireframing

Inabun (1) 21.19.38.png

Digital Prototype

To view and interact with the full digital prototype. Please click here or scan the QR code to the right.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 08.57.16.png